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About Us


CRS Chemicals, a division of C.R. Supply Co., is a diverse chemical company specializing in manufacture and distribution of chemical products for the Aerospace, U.S. Military, and Chemical industries.


Our chemical clientele consists of manufacturers and suppliers to the U.S. and various International Militaries along with specific chemical industries. Further expanding our umbrella of services, we provide key chemical products for the refractory, metal coating, and metal recovery industries. CRS Chemicals provides the technical assistance and products to meets today's stringent standards for chemical production necessary for our clients to meet their objectives.


Since our founding in 1986 and for over two decades, CRS Chemical's areas of expertise encompass both domestic and global markets providing not only sale of quality products, but also logistical assistance that is vital for products to reach their destinations.  Additionally, we are experienced in obtaining the necessary US Export Licenses for export regulated products on behalf of our customers.


Proven success, Integrity, Performance and Customer Satisfaction are the goals CRS Chemicals strives to provide to our clientele. Please feel free to inquire how we may better serve your manufacturing requirements in your company's specific industry.